Worst Parents Competition

Who wins the title? Let’s look at today’s contestants:

#1. The parents that let their 2 year old smoke 40 cigs a day

Apparently this kid is so addicted to cigarettes now that he breaks out crying if he doesn’t get a smoke. Awesome work.

#2. The mother that took her baby to the beach with no sunscreen and walked around until the baby burned so bad it required hospitalization.

A BABY was burnt over 40 per cent of his tiny body while his mother sunbathed beside him, it emerged yesterday.

Shocked beach-goers called in cops in Brighton and the five-month-old boy was rushed to hospital.

Last night a teacher told how he tried to warn the mum her baby was suffering – but she did not understand.

Shocked Alex Coulson said he saw the attractive blonde day-tripper holding the boy as she walked along the beach.

He added: “The baby was clearly very sunburnt. He was naked and very, very red and I was concerned enough to walk up to her.

“Another woman got there first and was trying to tell her to get the baby covered up and in the shade but she didn’t seem to understand what we were saying to her.

“I pointed to blisters that were forming on the boy’s leg and was saying, ‘sunburn, sunburn’ – but she didn’t get it. I think she may have been Eastern European.”

Check out the full story here.

I think we have a draw.

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