9 Year Old Girl Gives Birth

What kind of a sick fuck has sex with a 9 year old? What a rotten story. I hope they chop his head off with a sword. Or maybe that’ the Japs that do that, not the Chinese. Either way, that would be a suitable punishment.

A GIRL of NINE has given birth to a healthy baby boy.

The child was delivered via caesarean on January 27 in north east China and weighed in at 6lbs (2.75kg).

The circumstances surrounding the girl’s pregnancy are unknown, but her parents have sought legal help as sex with a child under the age of fourteen is punishable by a rape conviction.

Despite the young age of the mother, from Songyuan, and the potential for severe complications, it has been reported the girl and her new baby are doing well.

The baby was delivered at Changchun hospital, in the Jilin province.

Young pregnancies are reportedly on the rise in China.

A Shanghai hospital said about 30 per cent of abortions were on school-aged girls.

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