Krokodil – The Russian Wonder Drug

Apparently there’s a new drug making the rounds in Russia. It’s about 10 times cheaper than heroin and can be made with over the counter drugs, but 1000 times more deadly. It’s called krokodil (or crocodile) because it turns your skin scaly and grey like a reptile.

The really sickening part is that as your addiction progresses it causes your flesh to rot and fall off your body, leaving your bones exposed to the elements. You basically rot to death.

Check out these videos of krokodil victims being treated.

Krokodil rots the flesh from your body exposing your bones

Probably some of the grossest shit I have ever seen. They literally look like extras in a Return of the Living Dead movie.

Is getting high really worth that? What’s wrong with just buying a case of Budweiser and drinking until you are black-out drunk? They must get one hell of a high off that shit…as most continue to inject themselves even as they watch parts of their body fall off.

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