Internet Legends – Shock Sites

There’s always been a few sites that have surpassed the status of a regular site and transcended to legendary status. I bet when most of these sites were made, their creators had no idea what they would eventually turn into. There’s even scores of parodies of these sites. They’re just that popular. I’m going to list a few of the most disturbing ones here. Some of the original names have been purchased by porn companies wishing to capitalize off their traffic, so I will have to post mirror sites in some cases.

Goatse – Probably the first one to really reach that legendary status. In case you have been living under a rock, it’s basically some sick bastard who was able to stretch his anus apart so wide that you could probably conceal a small child inside there.

TubGirl – This is the one I remember seeing next after Goatse died down a little bit. Looks like some Asian chick is in a tub and decides to shoot some sort of coffee enema out of her ass. The best part is that they have the genitals blurred out. Because being covered in shit-laced enema juice is OK, but showing some pussy lips is a no-no. – Not quite as famous as the first two, but certainly the most disturbing (at least to me). If you ever wondered what a homosexual group sex party would look like in a nursing home, then this is the site for you. – This one is a little more low profile, but still has shocked more than its fair share of people browsing forums and messageboards. This is the first one to actually go that one step further by introducing the use of an animated gif. The counter is also a nice touch.

KidsInASandbox – I don’t remember this one having its own site, but I remember seeing it posted on tons of forums. I’m not even going to describe this one, but needless to say, it has NOTHING to do with kids in a sandbox.

The best part is that there are always new people every day using the Internet for the first time who haven’t been able to enjoy gems like these yet. So do your best to spread the word. Keep the legends alive!

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