Death By Hammer and Screwdriver

I’ve seen some sick shit in my time, but I think this is probably the worst video I have ever watched. These sick fucks are responsible for the death of 21 innocent people. No real motive other than just getting their rocks off by torturing people.

What is shown here is two Russian youths beating a man to death with a hammer and stabbing him repeatedly with a screwdriver. The sounds of him struggling to breathe while he suffocates on his own blood are probably the worst part of the video. And they had the nerve to tape the whole thing on their cellphone cam.


I have seen just about every murder video on the Internet, and I can tell you right now this is the most graphic and disturbing. This video is very hard to watch, especially with the sound on. Having said that….


Here is the news report that describes what they did.

I hope they get raped and tortured in prison. Although that would still be too good for these sick fucks.

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