Natural Born Losers

Almost a decade ago there was an extremely popular gore site on the Internet called Dan’s Gallery of the Grotesque. The main reason this site rocketed to fame so quickly was because of a series of photos he had posted depicting the murder and dismemberment of a man by his wife and her boyfriend. The two murderers stripped down naked and took photos of each other cutting her former husband to shreds. At one point they even stick his severed penis in his decapitated head.

The real kicker in this story is that after doing this horrible deed, they took the roll of film to the local one-hour processing shop (this was before digital cameras were around) and had it developed. Imagine the horror of the person in the photo lab when they started to develop this film! And imagine how stupid those two murdering scumbags must have felt when they realized how retarded they were for taking this film in to be developed! D’oh!

Dan’s site has been offline for years, but I managed to find a cached copy of this story using the excellent site,, which he so eloquently dubbed “Natural Born Losers“.

Here it is, in all it’s gory detail. Be warned, these pictures are horrific and probably the worst thing I have ever seen on the Internet.

Click here to witness the horror that is NATURAL BORN LOSERS!!!!!

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