Internet Users Take Revenge On Cat Abuser

I seen some people chatting about this kid that posted a video of himself beating the shit out of his cat on youtube. Little did he know he’d have an army of angry 4chan and liveleak surfers gunning for him.

Here’s the video that he originally posted:

The original link at 4chan has been deleted, but one user was thoughtful enough to create a site devoted to this kid at

They were able to gather tons of personal info about him, including everything from his myspace account and parents’ email addresses, to a google map of his house. He’s been reported to just about every animal protection and law enforcement agency in his country. Basically, come Monday, he will have the police knocking down his door, if not sooner.

His parents have already had to disconnect their phone due to the deluge of angry and harassing phone calls they’ve been receiving since this was posted.

The moral of this story is, if you plan on posting evidence of your illegal actions on the Internet, make sure you have your tracks covered, otherwise you’ll face a shitstorm like this dumb kid did. Or I guess a better moral would be, don’t abuse animals.

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