The Iron Sheik on Twitter

Who here remembers the Iron Sheik? He’s probably the greatest wrestler to ever exist, except for maybe Nikolai Volkoff or George “The Animal” Steele.

Apparently he is still around, and it’s obvious from his Twitter account that he is totally batshit insane. Just take a look at some of his recent tweets:

“germans are piece of shit garbage. only worst than the are the no good small dick puero ricans. they are gay fag motherfuckers”

“the ass show me that i can only fuck it. i make the ass humble, ass dont humble me. fuck mario lopez mexican jew”

“i like to fuck the no good piece of garbage whore ex wife of the little black man gary coleman. she have no respect for the legend”

“i have the cock that is bigger than the stupid whale cock.”

“hulk hogan use the medicine for the body- he fag he gay i can break his leg and fuck his ass”

Fucking classic! I hope he fucks all those losers in the ass. Also, make sure you check out his website. You can even book him for your stag parties! Imagine having this crazy fucker show up at your house!