Interview With One Guy One Cup Creator

Sometimes when you see a horrific video on the Internet you can become desensitized and forget that the people involved in the video are real people, with parents, friends and sometimes even their own kids.

For example, look at the guy. This sicko shoves a glass up his ass and breaks it, then sits there on camera picking broken glass out of his anus while blood gushes out onto the floor. What makes a person like that tick? What in the hell would possess them to start shoving glasses up their ass on camera?

Well now you can find out. Mr. JarSquatter himself decided to give an interview.

Check out the full interview here.

Here are some of the excerpts:

Mark for Best Gore: Most men are extremely sensitive about foreign objects entering their anus. What made you like it? How would you describe the sensation?

Alex aka 1Guy1Cup: I decided to stretch my anus to the max many years ago. I wanted to be able to fist my own ass, which I eventually managed. The ability to stick your own fist up your rectum definitely offers a variety of sensations that you can’t experience otherwise. I must admit that the beginning were rather tough. Until your anal opening is stretched well enough, trying to force large objects through there induces vomiting. As you continue doing it, you eventually get used to it and don’t throw up anymore. Then it’s pure pleasure.

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