Free Oral Sex Offered To All Women

I’m going to just assume this guy hasn’t had much luck with the ladies for a while, and he’s now trying to come up with some clever ways of turning things around. What better idea than to create a website advertising free oral sex to every woman of Louisville?

From his site:

 I am a man whose favorite thing to do is give oral sex to attractive young women. I love it and enjoy pleasing the women that I know and meet. I know that every woman is different, and I have been out of practice for a while. Since every woman is different in her wants and needs, I am offering FREE ORAL SEX to any woman who qualifies that e-mails me or signs up. No matter how good I may have been told that I am at my hobby, I know that everyone needs to constantly practice at anything they take pride in doing. This site is designed with the women of Louisville in mind. I need some partners to practice with and women who will give honest feedback to any services I perform for them, so that I will be able to hone my skills.

Here he is in all his glory, waiting to please as many women as he can.

Offering free oral sex to all women of Louisville

Step right up ladies! I’m sure there is at least a 50 / 50 chance that he is not a serial killer or mentally unstable.

Check out his site at:

I hope he gets a few skanks that show up with a nasty yeast infection or an active case of herpes.

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