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The Retarded Policeman

This has to be one of the funniest youtube videos I have ever seen. It’s not that the script is totally hilarious or anything like that, but I admit I have a soft spot for mongoloids.

You see, the Retarded Policeman is a full fledged Down Syndrome case. I’ve always found mongos funny ever since Corky from that old show called Life Goes On hit the airwaves.

Check it out for yourself. This is episode 9 in the series. And here’s their youtube page so you can watch all their videos.

More US Soldiers Having Fun With Animals

With the recent puppy tossing incident hitting the mainstream media, now some more examples of US soldiers abusing animals have started to surface.

Check out the videos here.

Honestly I was surprised there was so many videos available of this type of shit. I guess they have nothing better to do. Why don’t they send back some videos of them killing some dirty terrorist scum? That would be far more entertaining.

I must admit, this one was pretty damn funny though.

US Soldier throws puppy off a cliff

I’m by no means an animal lover. Actually I hate animals. I have some goldfish, but I’m thinking about flushing them down the toilet. I don’t have time to clean their fucking tank.

Having said that, what this U.S. soldier does in this video is probably one of the cruelest acts of animal abuse I have ever seen. It wouldn’t bother me so much if it was a cat, but it’s like this asshole tried to find the cutest little puppy he could to torture.

WARNING: If this video makes me mad, then I can just imagine what a normal person would think when watching this. I suspect karma might take care of this assclown sooner than later. Maybe he’ll come across a dog with an IED strapped to it one of these days.

Check out the horrible video here.

Brutal stabbing caught on video


This is some sick shit.

Apparently this happened in Holland. A boyfriend brutally stabs his girlfriend dozens of times on the street, while onlookers try (very poorly) to get him to stop. And it is all caught on tape.

Notice the lame kicks these guys were doing? Why not one real good boot to the head? This is the reason I wear steel-toed work shoes every day. I would love for an incident like this to happen in front of me. That guy’s face would have looked like silly putty when I was done with him.

I understand that most people would be scared shitless of going anywhere near that scene, with all the blood. All it would take is one cut and you could walk away with a dose of the AIDS. That is why I am pissed off my country doesn’t allow me to carry a handgun around. One shot to the crotch and that guy wouldn’t be stabbing anyone anymore.

The good news is that the woman lived. That idiot must have missed every major artery. The bad news is that he was only sentenced to 4 years in prison, and will most likely get out in 2 years. (This was told to me by someone from Holland who remembers when this was on the news, I can’t verify its accuracy.)

Unfortunately the page is not in english, so I can’t understand any of the comments.

Check out the horrible video here.

Jean Claude Van Damme is Gay?

Dam, stuff like this must haunt actors after they get famous. He probably got paid about $100 for this. Pretty creepy looking movie, I must say.

Actually, it probably doesn’t even bother Van Damme now. Check out this slow motion video of him congratulating Fedor after his big win in an MMA match last week. If that doesn’t scream closet homo, I don’t know what does.

Click here for the video

Notice the creepy wink right at the very end? Ewwwwwwwww. Gross.