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ALF – The Lost Episodes

Remember the show ALF? Annoying furry alien that ends up living with an average American family? Total shit.

But surprisingly, it turns out there was a whole bunch of ALF episodes that got shitcanned and were never aired on TV. The writers took a very dark turn and ended up changing the father into a psychotic sexual predator.

It’s too bad they never aired these, the show probably would have lasted a few more seasons if they followed through on this storyline. Enjoy.

Check out all the lost episodes here.

I wouldn’t feel right posting this without also mentioning the fact that back in 2001, Alex Wright, ALF’s father on the show, was filmed having sex and smoking crack with homeless black men. Awesome, just awesome.

Read more about it here.

ALF's dad loves him some black cock and crack

Black guy KOs Down Syndrome guy for kicking his kid

I don’t know why, but this video made me laugh my ass off. You’ll notice the downie staring off into space, apparently talking on a cell phone or something, then a little toddler comes charging in, much to the chagrin of the downie. For some reason this bugged the shit out of his retarded brain, so he decided to do a kick towards the little bugger.


Daddy is a hardcore thug who knocks the downie the fuck out! Click the pic below to check out the video. The comments below the video are pretty funny too.

Kid With Down Syndrome KO-d For Kicking Toddler
Talk about being down for the count.

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Failed Suicide Bomber

Here’s a video of a suicide bomber who didn’t quite finish the job. Watch as he squirms about on the ground, missing one leg and one arm.

Check out the video here

That’s gotta suck being a three-time loser. First he failed at picking his religion, then he somehow got suckered into being a lowly suicide bomber, then he failed for the last time….performing a suicide bomb attack and still coming out of it alive.

Thankfully, I don’t think this turd lived very long after this video was taken. I can’t believe no one kicked him in the head while he was squirming on the ground there. That would have been my first instinct.  I would have at least poked one of his bloody stumps with a stick.