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Chainsaw Beheading By Mexican Drug Lords

Sorry for the lack of upates lately. I haven’t died or anything. But after watching this video, I kinda wish I had died. It’s a video of two dirty, shirtless Mexicans getting their heads chopped off by the drug cartel, which is nothing new really. But what is new is that one of them gets his head chopped off by a chainsaw. Not something you see everyday. If you stick around near the end of the video you also get to hear some blood-curdling gasps for air by the guy that was unfortunate enough to get his head chopped off by the knife. I think I would have opted for the chainsaw in this case….at least it was over quick. The look on the one dude’s face is priceless as he finally glances over to see his buddy lying headless beside him. He’s like: “Oh shit. Where’s his head?”

Check out the video here.

Batman Beatdown

Millions of kids just had the image of one of their heros destroyed in one fell swoop by this insane hobo Batman that got into a fight with a Mexican in Vegas. Watch at the 28 second mark when Batman tells him to suck his dick. Those have to be the absolute worst punches I have ever seen anyone throw.

Come on hobo Batman, that’s just pathetic. Bruce Wayne’s parents would be turning in their grave to see their son beat up by a drunken Mexican.

Boobs or I move him closer

I don’t know which part is the most fucked up….

The fact that this guy was asking young girls to show their tits, or the fact that he fed a bird to his snake because they wouldn’t show their tits.


By the way, if you haven’t checked out yet, give it a try. That is where this image was taken from.

Unfortunately you are almost guaranteed to see a naked penis in your first five minutes.

Scarface School Play

I never thought I’d say this, but doing a remake of Scarface for a school play is totally inappropriate for kids of that age. Having said that, it is fucking (I mean fudging) hilarious. At least they had the deceny to replace the pile of cocaine with popcorn.