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Baby Born With 16 Toes

Now this is just freaky.

16 Toed Baby

A baby boy with eight toes on each foot was discharged from a hospital in Leizhou, southeast Guangdong province on November 5, 2008. The baby has five fingers on each hand but doesn’t have thumbs. Doctor said this might have something to do with genetics or environment pollution.

16 Toed Baby

Retards in Georgia

This has to be fake, since I doubt someone this retarded would know how to turn on a computer and register at Yahoo, although I could be wrong. No doubt there are a lot of confused people in the state of Georgia right now though, all clutching their shotguns waiting for the tanks to roll in.

Click for bigger version.

State of Georgia under attack?

Hybrid Human Animal Page

Have you ever wondered what would it be like if a human fucked a horse and spit out some sort of mutant child? How about an Asian woman mixed with a pig? I think about those sorts of things almost every day.

Now you can find exactly what they’d turn out like thanks to the efforts of the folks at the Hybrid Human Animal site. Check out some of their genetically-engineered experiments:

Llama Girl

Human Pig

Dam, that’s some bad Photoshop.

Check out the rest at the Hybrid Human Animal site.