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Pics of weird stuff.

Mystery Solved

There’s something that’s been bugging me lately with this story of the homeless dude with the golden radio voice. See here in case you haven’t heard of him.

After putting some thought into it, I finally have it figured out. Check out my findings below.

Anna Nicole Deathbed Photo

Here’s a blast from the past. Allegedly this is a photo of Anna Nicole Smith just after she died. Supposedly this is what someone looks like when they overdose on drugs. Not sure what she was eating prior to her death, but it does look tasty.
(Click for bigger pic)

Here’s a bonus photo. Allegedly her mother took this photo with her cell phone while she was in a body bag, then she sold it to some tabloid for big bucks. Stay classy.

Illegal Aliens Getting Caught

These have to be some of the funniest pictures I have seen. You’ve got to give some credit to these Mexicans, they come up with some pretty crazy ideas in order to sneak across the border. I mean, just look at these guys pretending they’re a seat.

“Hey Pedro, do you think they can see us, man?”

Click here to check out the rest of the pictures of illegal aliens getting caught in the act. Funny shit.