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Stuff you can’t believe is real, but it is.

Where Your Chicken Nuggets Came From

Ever Fake Oakleys wonder how cheap oakleys they make your chicken nuggets? They use a process called AMR <a cheap jerseys href=””>फिरेकाहरुले – Advanced Meat Recovery. This process basically scrapes every last bit authentic nfl jerseys of meat oakley outlet from the chicken bones Cheap NFL Jerseys China and results in a strawberry-looking paste like you see below.Конюги<a rel="dofollow" hockey jerseys href=”” title=”Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Cheap Jerseys Online and Download” style=”font-size:0.6px”>Watch Full oakley outlet Fake Oakleys Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Looks delicious, doesn’t veggies it?

Whale Jumps Onto Sailboat

It’s hard to believe this is a real photo, but apparently it is. Some people were sailing cheap jerseys off the coast of South Africa, doing some whale-watching. A Test nearby boater caught fake oakleys the ordeal on camera. Unbelievably, no one was injured in the incident, including the whale.Бетономешалка. Выбрать бетономешалку

Here’s a full article on the story.

<img class="aligncenter" title="Whale Crashes Into Sailboat" src="" alt="" oakley sunglasses width=”490″ height=”322″ />

<img class="aligncenter" title="Whale Crashes Into Sailboat" fake oakleys src=”” alt=”” width=”400″ height=”254″ />Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

<img class="aligncenter" title="Whale Crashes Into Sailboat" src="" alt="" width="400" height="300" hockey jerseys />

Google Fuckup

Google has had some funny little easter eggs in the past where if you enter certain terms into their search engine and hit the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, it would bring you to some funny results.

Some people feel these were put in place on purpose by Google employees, but there is really no way to tell for sure.

Now people have found a particularly nasty one. Here is how you find it:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter “i can read wikipedia” in the search bar on that page.
  3. Hit “I’m Feeling lucky”.

Just in case Google finds out hockey jerseys about this and removes it, here is the result that was originally coming up for it. It’s oakley outlet possible that it’s just a random fluke, but could it also be a sign that Google has a racist prankster in their midst? (not that I give a flying fuck if they do)

As fans waited impatiently for crowd controllers to usher them onto Manhattan bound trains, a few, fuelled by a long day of drinking, openly aired their grievances: about rookie quarter back Mark Sanchez’s tendency to make game changing blunders; about first year coach Rex Ryan’s failure to make good on his promise to transform the team’s defence into a feared, stingy unit; about the ”Same ol’ [expletive deleted] Jets”.Mr. SIMMONS: Whoo, yeah, regrets. Of course I have regrets. And I say to turn all those regrets around by, I think you can show whatever by your actions, you know, my relationship with my Cheap NFL Jerseys daughter; and I think today I’m focusing on my health. You have the drugs, you have the alcohol, cocaine, I did it all. But my thing now is just actually living a positive life.”Gisele and I have eight sisters between us, and there are lots of kids. We built this house as a sanctuary for our family a place where we can enjoy being together,” Brady said. “It was important for us to plant roots for our family, and since we both enjoy the creative process, we decided to start from scratch.”READERS familiar with sport cheap nfl jerseys across the Atlantic will need no reminding that Super Bowl XXVIII takes place at the end of this month. But too many Bowls replica der oakleys mean too many winners and too many unanswered questions. Which are wholesale nfl jerseys the Bowls that matter? And who are the top teams? ‘You’ve just asked Replica Oakleys the question that all America wants answered,’ says John Harrison, the Atlanta based football producer for Cheerleader Productions. ‘It all comes down to money,’ he explains. ‘The Bowls that matter are the ones with the most money: the Rose, the Sugar, the Cotton and the Orange.’ The protagonists in the Orange Bowl, Nebraska and Florida State, received the most: dollars 5m each.NSF tests and certifies that these products contain the identity and quantity of dietary ingredients declared on the product label, but do not contain unacceptable quantities of unwanted contaminants for the recommended serving size listed on the product label. Exceeding recommended serving sizes may increase risk, so athletes should be sure to follow the serving size instructions indicated on the product and check with their health care provider before taking any sports supplement.Before the Internet, nfl jerseys china tickets primarily were sold through public distribution lines. For popular events, people would camp out all night or days in advance to be the first in line at the box office. Although most tickets now are bought and sold over the Internet, public distribution lines still exist. In these cases, scalpers hire students or the financially needy to wait in line at the box office along with the fans. These hired hands carry hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to buy the best seats at face value. The scalper typically pays the hired hands a few hundred dollars.

The 20 Worst Names Ever

Some people’s parents must have really hated their children. Or maybe they were just trying to make their kids grow up strong like Johnny Cash talks about his song “A Boy Named Sue.” Either way, these are some fucking horrible names.

Chew Kok. I believe he does.

Mahboobeh. Ya, what about it?

<img class="aligncenter" cheap ray bans title=”Mahboobeh” src=”” alt=”” width=”450″ height=”290″ />

Jed I Knight. Let the daily beatings begin!

Gaye Males. I wonder if he is a flamer?

Judy Graham Swallows. I think she should have just stuck with Graham.

Charley Willard Horse Dick. Seriously? Horse Dick?

<img class="aligncenter" title="Charley Willard Horse Dick" wholesale Jerseys src=”” alt=”” width=”386″ height=”115″ />

Robert Fagot. Never married. No surprise there.

Mister Love. Looking for ray ban sunglasses love in all the wrong places.

Natalia Vagina.

Mike Litoris. Sounds to me like someone used a fake name for his interview.

Rusty Kuntz.

Oliver Loser. Doesn’t exactly sound like a winner.

Jack Goff.

Dumas and MacPhail. Doesn’t inspire too much confidence.

Willie Stroker. I am going to guess yes. he will.

B.J. Cobbledick. I bet she does.

Anass Afadass. An ass. A fat ass.

Anass Rhammar. An ass rammer.

Jesus Condom. What the hell were they thinking?

Batman Bin Suparman. I am thinking this is probably a fake ID gone wrong.

“Another time, we were having a birthday party at the restaurant. Out of nowhere, the parents start yelling and throwing punches at each Fake Oakleys other and the entire family erupts in a fight. They knock over đĩa all the tables in the surrounding birthday rows with food and drink flying everywhere. The cops were called, someone with a warrant was arrested, there was hair pulled out on the floor, it was a real mess. scrubbing food out of the carpet.”At the Film segment, we reported first quarter EBITDA of $149 million, $309 million below last year. This decline was primarily driven by challenging comparisons to the prior year, which included significant contributions from the theatrical release of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and the home entertainment release of RIO 2 compared to reduced theatrical contributions this year that included the underperformance of Fantastic Four. This quarter was also impacted by the inclusion of significant pre releasing costs in advance of the successful October theatrical release of The Martian.With ad revenue the biggest driver of Facebook’s business, the company not only has to safeguard its source of income but move ahead to where the clear majority of Facebook users are using the social media platform through smartphones and tablets.In a previous interview, CPO Cox said,” You’re starting to see a lot of new interactions (on mobile) We’re trying to spend a moment looking at some of these trends and imagining what they’ll look like in next few years We’re trying to give marketers a canvas that’s more engaging.”The exact changes are still being worked on, but CPO Cox’s presentation at the festival gave more insight in the elements that will be part of those Replica Oakleys changes.Businesses and advertisers will be able to set up an interactive and fully branded page in the style they choose. The role of Jennifer Hart is perhaps Powers’ most memorable, though her career has been one of impressive longevity. Born Stefania Zofya Federkiewicz in LA in 1942, she was sent to ballet classes with a young Natalie Wood and Jill St. John both of whom went on to marry Robert Wagner, ‘as I did too, on cheap jerseys screen,’ says Powers.Uggs black friday He asics gel lives kanye west shoes in ray ban sunglasses outlet a cheap ray ban place scarpe hogan far nike free shoes from mcm outlet my nike air max 2015 home. mizuno running shoes Living beats by dre environment flat iron is swarovski jewelry very nfl steelers poor, true religion jeans women is hollister an rolex idle prada NBA Jerseys Cheap outlet three nfl packers small burberry penthouse.

Barack Obama in Rap Video

Remember that horrible song, “Whoomp, there it is!”? It was performed by Cheap NFL Jerseys a horrible rap band called Tag Team.

Well some people have fake ray bans done some investigating and have found what looks like footage of Barack Obama in the music video. I’ll just let you take a look at it and decide for yourself. Pay attention around the 1 minute mark in the video.

And cheap jerseys here cheap mlb jerseys it is in slow motion.

That’s some freaky shit. If you look really closely at around 46 seconds it Яндекс-Баре also appears cheap oakley sunglasses his wife is in the video as well.

Longest Bird Penis Ever!

North American scientists have discovered the longest bird penis ever – a 42.5cm organ belonging to a duck.

Dr Kevin McCracken of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, cheap oakleys sunglasses and colleagues, report in this week’s Nature that they have found a specimen of the Argentine lake duck (Oxyura vittata) that has a penis as long as its body – nearly half a metre long.

How the hell does it walk without tripping over that thing?

Check out the original article here.

But I understand perception is everything, and I live in a Fake Oakleys world of perception, and if that was how we were perceived then it had to be addressed, which is what I did. But it didn’t come from any place of intent or meanness; it came from looking every year for the best people we can find.DUNN: Mostly rode the bench, yeah. I did. There was a guy on the team who I played against in practice. And he oakley outlet was a freshmen, oakley sunglasses and at that time, freshmen couldn’t play varsity ball. So I knew that the following year. He’ll be playing and probably in place of me. And he did. He was better than I, and I hadn’t developed an inner life, I think, do deal with it all.My attempt was to address not only the logo portion of this i but also for those just looking to make the stencil that may not have access to certain software due to cost. However jordan sale my intention was not to discuss or try to teach a software use such as illustrator or general graphics manipulation; it was more to the point of getting it into living form and keeping the i down to a few pages.The bad publicity for the NFL isn’t just me about retirees with brain damage linked to football, and the apparent decline in participation in football by the next generation. Perhaps the most damning news is the announcement by a current NFL player, John Moffitt, a lineman for the Denver cheap nfl jerseys Broncos, who suddenly retired this mid season because he had become “afraid of the long term consequences of an NFL career.”Second Place GoggleAlthough I have not owned this pair, this is the current version of my magical pair I had when I was eight years old. It has many of the same traits as the pair above: single eyes and nose piece, few extra plastic parts, simple strap attachment to the eyes and seals that are not foam.The quick passes worked like a charm in last week’s win against Tennessee. Expect it to continue only in a way to avoid Marcus Peters in the Chiefs secondary. Hilton in different areas of the field. He did torch the them in the 2014 AFC Wild Card game for 200+ yards and two scores. Brown said he was pushed on the pile after the play was over and kicked out because someone was holding his ankle above his head.Long snapper Zak DeOssie was fined $8,200 for a late hit out of bounds on a punt return shortly after the melee. He was flagged for unnecessary roughness. CRISMAN: No. I think I was living in Denver at the time, although I’m a New Englander. And what happened was some of the other members worked for the bank that sponsored the Broncos, so the tickets were easy to come by. I think the other part was I had this feeling that this could turn into the World Series of football. And I think I was correct.

Watch Full Movie Online And Download Personal Shopper (2016)

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Stars : Kristen Stewart, Lars Eidinger, Anders Danielsen Lie, Hammou Graïa, Nora von Waldstätten, Benjamin Biolay.

A personal shopper in Paris refuses to leave the city until she makes contact with her twin brother who previously died there. Her life becomes more complicated when a mysterious person contacts her via text message.

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365Black – McDonalds makes website for black customers

I honestly had to go over this entire site for 10 minutes to try to determine if it was some sort of parody site or a joke. It turns out the site is completely real, and was developed by McDonald’s.

Check it out at

From their site:

“At McDonald’s®, we believe that African-American culture and achievement should be celebrated 365 days a year — not just during Black History Month. That’s the idea behind It’s a place where you can learn more about education, employment, career advancement and entrepreneurship opportunities, and meet real people whose lives have been touched by McDonald’s.”

It’s like the designers of the site are purposely trying to make the site offensive to black people. Case in point, this is the image you first see when you visit the site:

McDonalds gave me a chance to share my love of Chicken McNuggets.

McDonald’s gave me a chance to share my love of Chicken McNuggets!? Seriously? All oakley outlet they are missing is a joke about watermelon and grape drink.

How airports are addressing long lines and “woefully understaffed” TSAJohnson said that nationwide 90 percent of travelers experience an average of a 30 minute wait or less longer in busier airports such as in Chicago, Los Angeles and Newark. But Fake Oakleys he said that becoming a TSA PreCheck member would help cut the wait down to an average of five minutes or less.Individual traces are overlaid in the inset. (c) Normalized light concentration spectra inside Mller cells (different colours), and in their surrounding areas (e) were obtained from five different retinal preparations. All panels were normalized to unity at maximum.Similar experiments were conducted in five different experimental sessions on retinas from five guinea pigs, and the resultant average spectra of light transmitted within Mller cells in these five retinas (Fig. Forget about sudden nose dives or an engine catching fire my all time worst in flight nightmare is exactly what happens in this super weird, seriously funny plane skit. The premise is simple: two terrorist hunters armed with a box cutter, a Cheap NFL Jerseys 3D gun and the worst facial hair of all time scare the bejeezus out of their terrified seat neighbour.Well there’s been a lot of planning for a lot of months and even years in making this Super Bowl successful and that’s. In large part because of the book the metropolitan area to rent. It’s more complex. Being and a larger area where crossing states and different jurisdictions but everyone has been fantastic. And the free safety’s job is, don’t let anything go long. He’s throwback nba jerseys got the long part of the field, and then he’s going to come up and help on this side once he realizes that nobody is streaking down the middle of the field that he has to pick up and cover. Andrew Luck heard all of the flowery talk about Marcus Mariota and the Titans this week and went out and reminded everyone he is in the same division. He threw for 16 186 yards and two TDs in the first half to give the Colts a 21 0 lead even they couldn’t blow.9. 1. It’s 1987. It’s the AFC Championship game. There are 2 minutes left. The Cheap Jerseys Broncos start driving down the field as time ticks down. They’re down in the red zone with only a few seconds left. Elway steps back to throw when all of a sudden a squirrel runs across the field. The pass falls incomplete. The Browns are going to the Super Bowl! In what film’s alternate reality does this nfl jerseys shop scenario take place?Segmenting the sales provides further insight to the key drivers of our full year revenue. Packaged goods and distribution revenue is estimated to be approximately $2.3 billion, up 7%, driven by Battlefield 4 this year versus Medal of Honor in the prior year. The growth will be partially offset by the decrease in the number of announced launches and a tempered view of our current generation of launches as we are in the late stages of the console cycle. Digital revenue is forecasted to generate over $1.7 billion, up 4%. Growth of our digital revenue is masked by the decline of our subscription business due to the $121 million of cheap jerseys Battlefield Premium that was recognized in fiscal year ’13. Our digital business would show a much higher growth if we had recognized Battlefield 3 Premium ratably.

Tips On Being A Better Bulimic

Are you currently suffering from bulimia-nervosa? Do you stick your fingers down your throat after every meal? If so, learn how to be a better bulimic with these helpful tips.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Check out the full list here.

Some highlights include:

  • When purging, grasp your Adam’s apple in a choking fashion and lift it up. This should reduce the depth that you have to insert your fingers when purging.

  • If you ever get caught, say you have a pain in your stomach and it’s bothering you intensely. Immediately after wards ask whoever caught you to lend/give you some pain killers to impress the idea that you are telling the truth.

  • Purchase some mouthwash to rinse away the acid.

  • It only takes about ten minutes for food to digest so don’t wait too long.

  • You can wear gum shields or fake vampire fangs to protect your teeth from acid erosion.

For some reason I don’t think you’ll see these tips on any public service custom jerseys announcements any time soon.

<p oakley outlet align=”left”>Enjoy your vomiting!


Some men get married twice while others coach expansion teams twice. A jovial Capers has done both. “You certainly know a lot more about it the second time through . . . It takes patience (and) you have to have a plan,” he said. We’re pretty sure he’s talking about football.This season the Wembley clash between the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins (4 October) will be live and exclusive on BBC Two. The Jacksonville Jaguars against the Buffalo Bills (25 October) will also be live on BBC Two, while the Detroit Lions against the Kansas City Chiefs (1 November) hockey jerseys will be available on the Red Button and BBC Sport website, with highlights on BBC Two. The BBC Sport website and app Replica Oakleys will also bring the best on demand video clips throughout each season.Baylor, the largest Baptist university in the country, faces a federal lawsuit and questions over whether it failed to act effectively against football players accused of sexual assault. A former student accused the university of deliberate indifference in its handling of her complaints about one player, Tevin Elliott, who was eventually charged and convicted in 2014 of two counts of sexual assault. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.”The Beta-Bücher city of Louisville will always be in my heart,” Powell said. “You have Cheap Oakleys people losing innocent lives in this. This hit home for me. Powell and McKnight were teammates for two years in New York, and the two had kept in cheap oakleys sunglasses touch, even though McKnight left the NFL and spent this past season in the Canadian Football League.The speed training sessions are being taken up by all the athletes and almost all other sports people. To increase the ability of the body to perform faster will help the individual to do their tasks well. Most of the sessions that aim to increase speed are aiming to give multiple benefits to their contestant.It has taken steps to limit the number and mitigate the effects of concussions. From penalizing helmet to helmet hits and fining egregious instances of “targeting” to assigning impartial spotters to remove concussed players from play, and increasing education and awareness about head trauma, the league is trying to make the game safer.Asian Journal of Mathematical Sciences’ charges $250 per manuscript. But it offers a bait: “If you do not have funds to pay such fees, you [sic] will have an opportunity to waive each fee up to 50 per cent. We do not want fees to prevent the publication of worthy work.”Karnataka took the lead in the 16th minute and confusion prevailed for a while over who the scorer was. While it seemed that Maya had deflected the ball into the goal, the technical table announced that it was Poonam Machaiah who had scored. The call from the Karnataka bench was that Jemina, wearing a number seven jersey but listed as 12 in the team’s list was the scorer but she insisted that she had not scored (when asked during a substitution). Finally, Veena was credited with the goal and the referees agreed.

Edible Body Parts

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a cannibal, now you can find out without the repercussions one would normally associate with eating human flesh ( i.e. life in prison for murder.)

Edible Human Body Parts

This is Kittiwat Unarrom’s body bakery. It appears to be the basement of a serial killer with rotting body parts laying around on shelves, but they are actually bread scultpures created by the artist.

Edible Human Body Parts

Kittiwat started painting portraits and then moved onto mixed media and then to dough.

Together with edible human heads, he also makes arms, feet and chicken and pig parts. He uses anatomy books as hockey jerseys a reference.

Edible Human Body Parts

Looks friggin’ tasty. I wonder if he does requests…I’d love to send him a photo of my ex-girlfriend so I could eat her head.

how to choose buy a kayak paddleOtherwise, what you’ve got to do is go around the perimeter and go solid, stripe, solid, stripe. I’m doing that right now. There. It doesn’t matter what these 2 balls are, as long as you’ve got alternating balls along the rack. Now, it’s very important that the rack be tight. First his accomplishments: cheap ray bans He invented a process called PCR, which is every bit as important to biology as the transistor is to computers. You’re not here for a biology lesson, but without PCR, we basically wouldn’t be able to study DNA. That also means we wouldn’t have the CSI shows, so, was it worth it? You decide.At that time watches the house to the shock off uggs on sale lamp, glass shade north face and thermos cheap football jerseys louis vuitton australia gall gave kate spade shock to pieces on michael cheap nfl jerseys kors the sheets leaving a trace coke. Then go out converse outlet to see, chimney retro jordans gave Zhata! That roshe run four burberry out observations of people abercrombie and fitch come from somewhere? do louboutin shoes not know. 4. For some insane reason, Denver signed failed Bear Caleb Hanie to back up Manning. They also drafted Brock Osweiler a giant filled with loads of potential and absolutely no polish. The intriguing man in this QB room is Adam Weber: the only QB left from 2011. Will Weber make Hanie redundant?And I’m Audie Cornish. As a television network, ESPN pays billions of dollars to sports leagues for the right to show their games, but its reporters also cover those leagues. Those two roles came into conflict this week when ESPN announced it is pulling out of a project investigating the concussion crisis in the National Football Leicester League. Hey there, Stefan.Would have things happened the same way if Mr Brown were white? “No question.” Never mind, meanwhile, the fond portrayals of Mr Brown as a gentle giant with nary an angry bone inside him. He had the look of a “demon”, the officer said. cheap nfl jerseys The aggression in his face was “unfathomable”.Etsy faces some challenges. However, the challenges do not appear to be anything that has not been faced over the past 10 years. The current rebound in the number of listings is encouraging. Should the trend in listings continue to improve then the bears might reconsider or question if the bear case is still valid.That’s what the left hand English did for me. Now, as a matter of review, let’s look what happens if we hit it with that same left hand English, but we don’t use the level cue. In other words, let’s take a look at it like this. I’m going to put the same amount of left hand English on it, in other words, I’m lining up to the left hand side of the ball and I’m aiming directly towards that piece of chalk once again, but this time, you notice, I’m up in back.