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Gross shit that might make you puke!

Brutal stabbing caught on video


This is some sick shit.

Apparently this happened in Holland. A boyfriend brutally stabs his girlfriend dozens of times on the street, while onlookers try (very poorly) to get him to stop. And it is all caught on tape.

Notice the lame kicks these guys were doing? Why not one real good boot to the head? This is the reason I wear steel-toed work shoes every day. I would love for an incident like this to happen in front of me. That guy’s face would have looked like silly putty when I was done with him.

I understand that most people would be scared shitless of going anywhere near that scene, with all the blood. All it would take is one cut and you could walk away with a dose of the AIDS. That is why I am pissed off my country doesn’t allow me to carry a handgun around. One shot to the crotch and that guy wouldn’t be stabbing anyone anymore.

The good news is that the woman lived. That idiot must have missed every major artery. The bad news is that he was only sentenced to 4 years in prison, and will most likely get out in 2 years. (This was told to me by someone from Holland who remembers when this was on the news, I can’t verify its accuracy.)

Unfortunately the page is not in english, so I can’t understand any of the comments.

Check out the horrible video here.

Genital Mutilation

What the hell has to be wrong with you to make you wake up one day and say “today I’m going to start hacking up my penis with knives”???  How does that idea even get in a person’s head?

Check out this crazy bastard name Martin who did just that. He hacked up his penis so bad it doesn’t even look like a penis anymore. It’s nice they did an interview with him so you can see exactly what is going on in this person’s mind.

The comments at the bottom are the best part:

“wonderful interview, beautiful cock.”

“I think the results of the scrotal splitting look very cute”

“Great adventure. Way to go!”

Bunch of sick fucks.

Don’t Do Meth

Apparently the story on this guy is that he was wasted out of his mind on meth and decided to stab himself in the gut. Wait, it gets worse. After he stabbed himself he reached into his stomach and started pulling out his intestines. They had to handcuff him to keep him from pulling them all out.

Check out the pics here.

Yes, he did survive after this too.

Morale of this story is:


Really Offensive Pics

This site I found called is a veritable cornucopia of disgusting images and sick shit. I can’t believe some of the crap I am seeing on this site. It kinda reminds me of the old, before they destroyed it and made it into (although that is still not too bad of a site)

Anyway, if you want your daily dose of horrible pictures, including death, mutilation and other offensive stuff, then just check out this page at It’s my new favourite site! I wouldn’t feel right now without posting an example, so here you go. (dude got his fingers blown off by a firecracker) This is the mildest photo I could find there. Everything else was so nasty I didn’t even want to host it on my servers.

fingers blown off by firecracker

You can find the background story on this picture here.

Insane Coroner Violates Corpse During Autopsy

OK, you might have seen my previous post called Natural Born Losers. Up until today, that was the sickest, most twisted shit I had ever seen on the net.

Let me tell you, compared to what I seen today, that shit is child’s play. Let me show you the new king. This shit is fucked up, this shit is horrible. I do not even know if it is real yet, but I am 99% sure it is. It just looks too real to be fake.

OK, enough of the small talk, here it is. It might not be up for long because I am sure someone is going to be going to jail for this. Did I mention that it is the sickest thing I have ever seen?

Before you go searching to see if it is real, don’t waste your time. I spent hours searching and couldn’t find anything about it. At first I thought it was a scene from a Spanish movie called Aftermath. After doing some research, I found this is definitely not the same thing.

Anyway, you have been warned.