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Gross shit that might make you puke!

Retard Porn

There’s something I consider to be somewhat of a holy grail in the world of fucked up Internet shit. That thing is RETARD PORN. I can’t recall ever seeing any REAL retard porn before.

Of course there’s been fake stuff done before, or porn with people that look like they might be a few buckets short of a load in the mental department, but never any real mentally / physically handicapped shit.

Well, to make a long story short, I’ve finally found that holy grail. This is probably the most fucked up shit I have ever seen. I don’t care about mutilated bodies, people eating shit, etc. This blows them all away.

Check it out if you dare. It ain’t pretty.


Retard Porn

Most Deformed Penis

This is probably the most disgusting looking penis I have ever seen. Yes it even beats out my past nominee, the original MOST DISGUSTING PENIS.

This one has it beat for sheer girth and the fact that he is able to finger his urethra. I can only assume he was able to achieve this look through a series of pumping techniques and saline injections, and perhaps the odd bit of home-grown surgery.

Enough talk, check out the current leader of the TheWeirdStuff’s

Most Disgusting Penis Contest

The Shape of A Mother

Here’s a link for all those people that say women look beautiful when they are pregnant and get that amazing glow. It’s a site where women post pictures of their body once they get pregnant, and show you the gradual progression from hotty to stretch mark-covered hag.

Click the pic to check out what motherhood did to this hot young female.


Pregnant Hotty

In my opinion, they should show this stuff in health class. It’s probably the best birth control there is.

See the rest at

Nick Hogan’s Friend

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Hulk Hogan’s son turning his friend into a cripple due to his reckless driving. Then phone conversations were leaked showing how he hoped to profit from the situation. Here’s that one in case you haven’t heard it yet.

Now they have released some footage of the friend that got fucked up in the accident. Looks like most of the front of his skull and brain are totally gone. This is pretty nasty shit. I would rather be dead.

Check out the gross video here.

Diva Cups

Maybe it’s because I am a guy, but the thought of a woman using a “diva cup” makes me want to throw up.

In case you are like me and have never heard of these things before, a diva cup is an alternative to tampons and maxipads. It’s basically a cup that the woman wears in her box that collects all the blood out of her menstruating snatch. Once it fills up you have to empty it.

Bloody Diva Cup

Just to gross you out even further, here is a nice post from a girl called Bloody Trixie, where she takes the blood from her diva cup and spreads it on her lesbian friend’s nipples.

Fecal Fun

OK, I haven’t posted one of these links is a long time. Get ready for:

Probably one of the grossest fecal fetish sites I have ever seen. This lady eats poop with pasta, drinks vomit and plays with just about every other bodily fluid that most normal people would flush down a toilet.


8 Girls No Cup

I am not sure how they came up with this title, since there is clearly a cup involved. I think this video is far superior to 2 girls 1 cup, simply because of the cheerleading that goes on in the background. You can tell they are truly enjoying themselves. That makes all the difference in the world.

Check it out at:

Marathon Shit

I’ve always wondered what would happen to those freaks that run those huge ass marathons if they suddenly had to take a dump right in the middle of the race.

Well, I don’t need to wonder anymore. Here’s the answer. (click for bigger pic):

Marathon Shit

They just let the shit fly and keep on running. Kudos to that freak for sticking with it and not stopping to defecate in a toilet like a normal person.

Credit to B0g for that awesome pic.