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Quaid, start the reactor!


A real-life Kuato from Total Recall. Why do all these freaks always seem to come from India?

Quaid, start the reactor!

I wonder if he has a second normal cock? That mutant cock isn’t looking like it is up to par for pleasing the ladies.

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Chainsaw Beheading By Mexican Drug Lords

Sorry for the lack of upates lately. I haven’t died or anything. But after watching this video, I kinda wish I had died. It’s a video of two dirty, shirtless Mexicans getting their heads chopped off by the drug cartel, which is nothing new really. But what is new is that one of them gets his head chopped off by a chainsaw. Not something you see everyday. If you stick around near the end of the video you also get to hear some blood-curdling gasps for air by the guy that was unfortunate enough to get his head chopped off by the knife. I think I would have opted for the chainsaw in this case….at least it was over quick. The look on the one dude’s face is priceless as he finally glances over to see his buddy lying headless beside him. He’s like: “Oh shit. Where’s his head?”

Check out the video here.

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Krokodil – The Russian Wonder Drug

Apparently there’s a new drug making the rounds in Russia. It’s about 10 times cheaper than heroin and can be made with over the counter drugs, but 1000 times more deadly. It’s called krokodil (or crocodile) because it turns your skin scaly and grey like a reptile.

The really sickening part is that as your addiction progresses it causes your flesh to rot and fall off your body, leaving your bones exposed to the elements. You basically rot to death.

Check out these videos of krokodil victims being treated.

Krokodil rots the flesh from your body exposing your bones

Probably some of the grossest shit I have ever seen. They literally look like extras in a Return of the Living Dead movie.

Is getting high really worth that? What’s wrong with just buying a case of Budweiser and drinking until you are black-out drunk? They must get one hell of a high off that shit…as most continue to inject themselves even as they watch parts of their body fall off.

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Where Your Chicken Nuggets Came From

Ever wonder how they make your chicken nuggets? They use a process called AMR – Advanced Meat Recovery. This process basically scrapes every last bit of meat from the chicken bones and results in a strawberry-looking paste like you see below.

Looks delicious, doesn’t it?

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I haven’t posted a link to an old-fashioned gore site in a while. Here is one I recently stumbled upon in my travels that has some really sick shit on it.

Here’s a sample of some of the fucked up shit they have on their site. Enjoy!

Street Justice

A rapist faces street justice and ends up being beheaded by the families of his victims.

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Anna Nicole Deathbed Photo

Here’s a blast from the past. Allegedly this is a photo of Anna Nicole Smith just after she died. Supposedly this is what someone looks like when they overdose on drugs. Not sure what she was eating prior to her death, but it does look tasty.
(Click for bigger pic)

Here’s a bonus photo. Allegedly her own mother took this photo with her cell phone while she was in a body bag, then she sold it to some tabloid for big bucks. Stay classy.

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Tiger Shark Spits Up Human Body Parts

The body of a sailor who disappeared off Jaws Beach – on an island where one of the “Jaws” movies was filmed – has been found inside the stomach of a tiger shark.

Police in the Bahamas used fingerprints to identify Judson Newton, although they are still waiting for DNA test results.

It is unclear if the 43-year-old Mr Newton was alive when he was eaten.

Mr Newton went on a boating trip with friends off Jaws Beach, where Jaws: The Revenge was filmed, on August 29.

The group, who were fishing off New Providence Island, encountered engine trouble and called for help.

Rescuers found three men aboard who said that Mr Newton and a friend jumped into the water to try to swim back to shore. Officials launched a search for them, but neither was found.

On September 4, a local investment banker caught the 12-foot tiger shark while on a deep-sea fishing trip and he said a left leg popped out of its mouth as they hauled it in.

When officers cut the shark open, they found the right leg, two severed arms and a severed torso.

One of Newton’s friends, Samuel Woodside, 37, said that he was surprised when he heard police say Mr Newton probably drowned.

“To me, he was always a strong swimmer,” Mr Woodside said. “I don’t know what happened.”

Mr Woodside said he and Mr Newton were childhood friends and would go fishing almost every weekend when Mr Newton wasn’t working as a sailor on cargo boats or as a chef at local restaurants.

“He was a sailor, you see,” he said. “Anywhere where he could get a fishing line, he would go there.”

The beach near where Mr Newton was last seen is located on the small island where the 1987 Jaws film was partially filmed.

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Here’s an old-fashioned gore site called TheSickShit. Lots of sick sites have come and gone over the years, and this site seems to have most of the classic videos archived, including legends like 2 Girls 1 Cup, 3 Men 1 Hammer, and many, many more, plus some new ones I haven’t seen before.

So if you like seeing dead people and men shoving sharp inanimate objects up their asses, then be sure to visit:

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Nasty Rollover Accident

Wow, I wonder how many of these people died?

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Would you brush your teeth with your own shit for $2000? This guy did.

Enjoy the video at:

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