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Internet Users Take Revenge On Cat Abuser

I seen some people chatting about this kid that posted a video of himself beating the shit out of his cat on youtube. Little did he know he’d have an army of angry 4chan and liveleak surfers gunning for him.

Here’s the video that he originally posted:

The original link at 4chan has been deleted, but one user was thoughtful enough to create a site devoted to this kid at

They were able to gather tons of personal info about him, including everything from his myspace account and parents’ email addresses, to a google map of his house. He’s been reported to just about every animal protection and law enforcement agency in his country. Basically, come Monday, he will have the police knocking down his door, if not sooner.

His parents have already had to disconnect their phone due to the deluge of angry and harassing phone calls they’ve been receiving since this was posted.

The moral of this story is, if you plan on posting evidence of your illegal actions on the Internet, make sure you have your tracks covered, otherwise you’ll face a shitstorm like this dumb kid did. Or I guess a better moral would be, don’t abuse animals.

Detroit Is Crap dot com

I came across this site that bills itself as Detroit news for whites. It basically has a lot of articles focusing on how black people are screwing up Detroit. Some of the commentary is pretty funny, maybe unintentionally.

I’ve been there to the Casino and Greek town and had a blast, but I admit certain parts of the city are downright scary. Not a place I would want to live.

Check it out for yourself at

WASP Knife

Now this is friggin’ cool. It’s called a WASP knife. When you stab someone with it, it injects a blast of compressed gas into them, instantly freezing and exploding their internal organs.

WASP Knife

Apparently it was designed to assist hunters and divers to take down large animals quickly. I guess authorities are already worried about these things falling into the hands of whackos who might want to use them on their fellow man.

Here’s a video of one in action. Just imagine if that watermelon was your stomach.

If you want to buy one, check out their site. Only $379.95!

Jared RIP

I was shocked to read a post on a forum that I frequent that Jared, the dorkfrom all those Subway commercials, had died due to complications from gastric bypass surgery. I wasn’t shocked because I gave a shit about him or felt bad, I just thought it was rather ironic that he had died after spouting all that crap about eating healthy for so long. That would have been the ultimate slap in the face to Subway.

Fat Ass Jared

Well after further investigation, it turns out it was all a hoax. The site is pretty well done though. Pass this one along to your friends and see if you can fool them.

Check it out at:

Worst Web Page Ever

I don’t pretend to be a guru of web design by any means. I think I am just doing good if my sites load without giving any browser errors.

But if I turned out crap like this site I just discovered, I would definitely go into a different line of work. The site I am talking about is:

Yvette’s Bridal Formal

I don’t think I’ve even seen anything this poorly designed hosted on Geocities back in the early 90’s. You’d almost think they threw a team of mongoloids into a room with a 486 and a copy of Frontpage 1.0 and told them to start designing web sites.

Let’s hope Yvette’s bridal business is going better than her web site design business.

Obama Unveiled

Looks like the anti-Obama conspiracy theory sites are starting to pop up now that Hillary is out of the picture.

The latest one is:

They’ve got some real doozies on old Hussein himself, including stories of past drug use, ties to communists, and a list of 74 of his worst lies.

Here are 4 totally unrelated and horrible cartoons that I just happened to find using google image search. Click on “continue reading” below to see them all. Enjoy!

Obama cartoon

Continue reading Obama Unveiled

Wake Up WalMart

I’m not sure what the big deal is about WalMart. Everyone seems to like taking jabs at them. All I know is they are about the cheapest place I can go to buy shit paper. I refuse to pay more for something I use to wipe my ass.

Here’s another site that has a beef with WalMart.

They’ve got the facts on everything from employee wages (which are atrocious) to alleged sexual discrimination.

After reading that entire site, I’m still going to buy my shit paper there. Walmart has the best, cheapest shit paper. End of story.

Walmart wants your soul!

I must admit, I do hate those fucking greeters. They should really get rid of those old fucks, trying to make eye contact with me every time I go in to buy my shit paper. Fuck you, greeter.


I will admit I’m not much of a NASCAR fan, but I can see why some people like it. I think just about everyone likes to see people crash cars at incredibly high speeds. Unfortunately, some of their fans take it to extremes. Here are a couple examples for reference.

Hairy NASCAR Fan

Extreme NASCAR Fan

Some people have taken a severe disliking to NASCAR, and are calling for it to be banned. Most of their complaints are due to bullshit environmental concerns.

Check out their list of reasons at:

Spitzer’s Hooker MySpace page

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer, who got busted for spending over $80,000 on hookers.

I just love it when some do-gooder, hypocrite, asshole like this guy gets his just desserts. He spent years cracking down on prostitution, and it turns out he was one of their best customers.

He better be criminally charged, or the justice system is officially fucked. I want to see this piece of shit do some time in prison, along side all the other people he sent there for doing the exact same things as him.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre

Now they’ve released the identity of one of the hookers he was banging, including her myspace page. Her name is Ashley Alexandra Dupre. She looks pretty good, but I don’t think she is worth $1500 an hour. I would throw her a couple brown bills and that is about it.

I think I am going to add her as a friend then ask her how much she charges for a Rusty Trombone, followed up by a Cleveland Steamer. Go ahead and try that yourself too. Maybe we can get a discounted rate if we buy in bulk.

Check out her MySpace page here.