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Shit that will make you piss your pants from laughing.

Jean Claude Van Damme is Gay?

Dam, stuff like this must haunt actors after they get famous. He probably got paid about $100 for this. Pretty creepy looking movie, I must say.

Actually, it probably doesn’t even bother Van Damme now. Check out this slow motion video of him congratulating Fedor after his big win in an MMA match last week. If that doesn’t scream closet homo, I don’t know what does.

Click here for the video

Notice the creepy wink right at the very end? Ewwwwwwwww. Gross.

How To Do The Robot

Do people still do this dance? Apparently so. I thought it went out of style around the same time Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo was released.

Anyway, I can’t tell if this site is serious or not, but it’s pretty funny even if it isn’t meant to be.

“Everyone’s on the dance floor. They all stop when they see you doing the robot. You’re the star. The whole room is cheering your name!”

Ya, I don’t think that is going to happen.

Learn how to do the robot at

Homeless People Signs

You gotta love panhandlers. You know you’ve reached the bottom of the barrel when you’ll actually sit out on the street and ask complete strangers for money.

I really like it when some of these homeless bastards get creative. I usually throw them a couple shiny pennies if they make me laugh. Here’s some of the best panhandling signs I’ve seen. You’ll notice that when one bum finds something that works well, most of the other bums will try to copy it.

Panhandler 1

Panhandler 2

Panhandler 3

Panhandler 4

Panhandler 5

Panhandler 6

Panhandler 7

Panhandler 8

Panhandler 9

Panhandler 10

Panhandler 11

Panhandler 12

Panhandler 13

Panhandler 14

Panhandler 15

Panhandler 16

Now that all those stinky hobos have you turned on, I hope you’ll enjoy some


If you’ve been using email for more than a year, chances are you’ve received at least one 419 scam email from some Nigerian piece of shit. These are the scams where they tell you that they have a lot of money they need to get out of the country and that they will pay you a good percentage of it just for letting them wire it to your bank account temporarily. There are many variations on this scam, but they all end up with you getting ripped off.

419Eater is a site that baits these scamming Nigerian fucks and makes them look like fools. They make them think that they have a sucker on the hook, and then make the Nigerian scammer perform a whole bunch of humiliating things.

The chat transcripts are always hilarious, and in some cases they even get the scammer to send them nude pics of themselves.

Check out to see some of these Nigerian scumbags get their just desserts.

Sad Kermit sings Hurt

I don’t know why, but I laugh my ass off everytime I watch this video. Kermit is heart-broken after the loss of his pal, Jim Henson, so he turns to a life of drugs and prostitution. For some reason I like this version of the song just as much as the Johnny Cash and NIN originals.

The creators of Sad Kermit have more parodies in the works, but none of them are as good as this one. You can check out the rest of Kermit’s songs at