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Shit that will make you piss your pants from laughing.

Black guy KOs Down Syndrome guy for kicking his kid

I don’t know why, but this video made me laugh my ass off. You’ll notice the downie staring off into space, apparently talking on a cell phone or something, then a little toddler comes charging in, much to the chagrin of the downie. For some reason this bugged the shit out of his retarded brain, so he decided to do a kick towards the little bugger.


Daddy is a hardcore thug who knocks the downie the fuck out! Click the pic below to check out the video. The comments below the video are pretty funny too.

Kid With Down Syndrome KO-d For Kicking Toddler
Talk about being down for the count.

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Retards in Georgia

This has to be fake, since I doubt someone this retarded would know how to turn on a computer and register at Yahoo, although I could be wrong. No doubt there are a lot of confused people in the state of Georgia right now though, all clutching their shotguns waiting for the tanks to roll in.

Click for bigger version.

State of Georgia under attack?

Sex Is For Fags

This site promotes the fact that sex is not cool and every young man should remain abstinent.

With testimonials like this, who could disagree?

Bert F.

Bert F.: “My body is a sacred place, for holy stuff like Capri Sun juices, Lunchable Chicken Dunks, and Slim Jims (I like to snap into them!). The one thing that won’t EVER go into my body? Girl slime!”

Gred B.

Greg B.: “I joined Sex is for Fags after watching girls who put out turn my big brother into a major wuss. By learning to repress my urges, now I can to grow up and be what I always wanted: a prison guard or a priest.”

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Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like A Horse

There’s something really weird aboutSarah JessicaParker. Sometimes she looks hot, andI’d love to stab her with my man meat.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Other times she looks like a twin sister of that guy from the movie Mask.


Some otherpeople have noticed this anomoly and have collected some of her worst pictures. They seem to think she looks a tad bit like a horse. What do you think?

Sarah Jessica Parker

I think they are prettyspot on.

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