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Disturbing individuals.

Genital Mutilation

What the hell has to be wrong with you to make you wake up one day and say “today I’m going to start hacking up my penis with knives”???  How does that idea even get in a person’s head?

Check out this crazy bastard name Martin who did just that. He hacked up his penis so bad it doesn’t even look like a penis anymore. It’s nice they did an interview with him so you can see exactly what is going on in this person’s mind.

The comments at the bottom are the best part:

“wonderful interview, beautiful cock.”

“I think the results of the scrotal splitting look very cute”

“Great adventure. Way to go!”

Bunch of sick fucks.

Face-Eating Tumour

A Jehovah’s Witness who for decades refused all surgery on his horrific facial disfigurement has been given hope by a British doctor and new medical technology.

Unwilling to accept a blood transfusion, Jose Mestre has allowed the bloody tumour that first appeared on his lip in adolescence to obliterate almost all of his face.

What a stupid fuck. This could have been totally preventable if he would have had this taken care of when he was a kid.  I swear Jehovah’s Witnesses are as dumb as rocks.

Face-Eating TumourFace-Eating Tumour

Make sure you check out the rest of the article. The pictures and videos are enough to make you want to puke. (especially when the one chick kisses him)

PumpToys Ball Pumper Gallery

I guess there are people out there that actually enjoy putting a vacuum-like device on their balls in order to inflate them to gigantic proportions. WHY? Even more weird is that there is a site that sells these pumps. Check out

Their picture gallery is fucking disgusting. A few of these sick fucks suction their balls until they are the size of csaba melons!

Check out the PumpToys BullPen to see all sorts of freakishly inflated ballsacks.

Fucked Up Presidential Candidates

I’m sure most of you folks in the US think that you’d be hard pressed to end up with a worse president than George W. Bush. Well believe me, it’s possible. Enter Lawrence Connor. An insane person that has hopes of becoming your next president.

Check out his campaign site here:

This guy is a total nut job. All you have to do is watch some of his youtube videos to see that.

The worst part is that he used to have aspirations of becoming a porn star. Some guys in the industry thought they would take advantage of his aspirations, so they arranged a fuck session with porn star Lanni Barbie.

Well they made poor old Lawrence agree that if he couldn’t get it up he would have to take a dildo up the ass from Lanni.

Witness the dildo incident here.

So when you sit back counting the days until Bush is out of office, keep in mind, it could always get worse.

Lawrence Connor 2008

Indian Girl Born With 8 Limbs

Hmmm, there’s gotta be some sort of career path this girl could take that would make her a fortune. Professional juggler, corn husker, maybe a one-person band?

BANGALORE, India —  Revered by some in her village as the reincarnation of a Hindu goddess, a 2-year-old girl born with four arms and four legs was undergoing surgery Tuesday that will hopefully leave her with a normal body.

The girl named Lakshmi is joined at the pelvis to a “parasitic twin” that stopped developing in the mother’s womb. The surviving fetus absorbed the limbs, kidneys and other body parts of the undeveloped fetus.

It's a human octopus!

Read the rest of the story here.

Awful Plastic Surgery

I never understood some women’s fascination with plastic surgery.  Look at what’s happened to good looking women like Jenna Jameson. She’s went from one of the hottest porn stars out there, to being some sort of anorexic Donald Duck impersonation. Why don’t they leave their faces alone!

Jenna Jameson Duck Impression

To see what she used to look like in action, click the movie thumbnails below:

Jenna Jameson gets fucked

Jenna Jameson lesbian scene

Here is a site thats devoted to the worst examples of plastic surgery:

My favourite article from that site has to be the story of Jocelyn Wildenstein.

What a freak!

She went from looking like a normal young lady, to some hideous lioness-like beast. There’s plenty of other good ones on that site. Make sure you check it out.