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Baby Born With 16 Toes

Now this is just freaky.

16 Toed Baby

A baby boy with eight toes on each foot was discharged from a hospital in Leizhou, southeast Guangdong province on November 5, 2008. The baby has five fingers on each hand but doesn’t have thumbs. Doctor said this might have something to do with genetics or environment pollution.

16 Toed Baby

Real Life Papa Smurf

I thought my yellow-tinged skin from my failing liver (I am a raging alcoholic) made me look like a freak, but that is before I set my eyes on this poor dude whose skin has turned blue!

Real Life Papa Smurf

Apparently he was trying to treat an ailment using an alternative therapy method that involved ingesting colloidal silver. The end result was a condition called argyria, or silver poisoning, that has turned his entire body blue.

Of course, he had to be a creep and grow the white Papa Smurf beard. That’s not helping anything, buddy.

Check out the full story here.

The Minion

The Minion has been around for a while, but he just finally got his own site. It’s about time…he deserves it.

What we have here is an obese man with a tiny penis that loves eating cream corn out of the can while fucking hot bitches in the ass. I have no idea how much these women get paid, but I have a feeling it’s not enough. It’s easier just to post some pictures rather than trying to describe it to you.

Click the pics to see some movies of The Minion in action.

What more really needs to be said?

Get Down With The Sickness With



Monkey-Faced Pig

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know I have always wondered why we haven’t seen any really cool genetically-engineerd hybrid animals. I blame the religious fanatics for stopping progress in this area.

Now it looks like I will actually get to see what the combination of a monkey and a pig would look like. Witness the horror that is the monkey-faced pig:

Monkey Faced Pig

That thing is bad-ass. Too bad they couldn’t mix it with some human genes and make it speak english.

Its owner, Feng Changlin from Fengzhang village, Xiping township, reportedly said “It’s hideous. No one will be willing to buy it, and it scares the family to even look at it!”

He says the piglet looks just like a monkey, with two thin lips, a small nose and two big eyes. Its rear legs are also much longer than its forelegs, causing it to jump instead of walk.

I Had Sex With My Brother

This woman admits she has had a sexual relationship with her brother for years. I admit, halfway through the story, I got a boner.

“On New Year’s Eve Daniel went to a party and by the time he got home I was already asleep. I was extremely sleepy when he crept into my room and curled up on my bed, which was something we’d both done for years, especially if we wanted to share some snippet of gossip. When he started stroking my hair and face it was a surprise, but I could feel myself drifting pleasurably back to sleep as he caressed me gently. Then I became aware of his hand drifting lower and suddenly I was wide awake as he stroked my neck and started sliding his hand down my vest top. I wasn’t scared but I was surprised as he started stroking me, though my overriding sensation was one of sheer pleasure. I instinctively lifted my mouth to his as he kissed me and then he hugged me very tightly and left.”

Click here to read the rest of this perverted mess.

World’s Greatest Dad

This guy is my hero. The symbol for white trash all over the world.


World's Greatest Dad

A 33-year-old Michigan man is accused of wearing a “World’s Greatest Dad” shirt to a meeting for sex with what he thought was a 14-year-old girl. Daniel Allen Everett of Clarkston was arraigned Tuesday in Novion charges of child sexual abuse and using the Internet to attempt child sexual abuse. A jail official says it isn’t known whether Everett has a lawyer. A spokesman for Attorney General Mike Cox could not confirm whether Everett has children. But Cox says in a statement that the arrest is a reminder that “a parent can pose a threat to our children.”

Training One Side Of Your Body

Perhaps you’ve seen that horrible M. Night Shyamalan movie called Lady In The Water where one of the characters worked out on only one side of his body. I am not sure why someone would want to do that in real life. Perhaps to enter an extreme masturbation contest?

Lady In The Water Muscle Dude

It turns out one guy decided to try that out in real life, for the sole purpose of getting featured on my site. Here’s one of his pics. He already had his face blurred out. Can’t say that I really blame him.

One Sided Workout

He describes his workout method on his site in case any of you wanted to do the same thing.

Check out the rest of his site here.

Cheers buddy! You got your wish! Now keep going until your one side is totally lopsided. Injecting some steroids in that arm would probably help too.


A fetish / fan site for people who are into crabs. I’m not talking about the ones you get a Red Lobster. I’m talking about the ones you get at the local rub and tug.


I’m not quite sure how anyone could be “into” having crabs, but apparently some people are. Whenever we used to get them from the local town whores, it meant a trip to the doctor for some of their special blue soap, plus an extra shave.

Check it out at

Trashman Infected With AIDS

You might recall my last post about the Trashman.

He has his own porn site where he films his encounters with various crack whores and prostitutes.

I have seen some of his past “victims”, and I could swear at the time that he was fucking girls who had full blown AIDS. Now it turns out that I was probably correct.

The Trashman has outed himself on youtube, claiming to have infected thousands of women with AIDS. Check out the video below.

I can’t say I am really upset with him, seems to me he is acting like a REAL trashman, taking out the trash. The U.S. would probably be a lot better place if all these ghetto urchins would wipe themselves out, like a bunch of infected rats. The trouble is that with today’s medications, it takes years, if not decades for these people to die, so they continue spreading their filth around unchecked.

We are way overdue for a cleansing, and these filthy savages should be the first place we start.

To check out some of the girls that have tasted this guy’s deadly seed, check out his site at:

Armless, Legless Wrestler

If I had no arms and legs I would have sucked a bullet out of the end of my 12 gauge Mossberg long ago. Well, that is, if I could figure out how to squeeze the trigger. Kind of hard with no fingers or toes. I guess I would have to rig up some sort of pulley system so that I could pull the trigger with my mouth. Again, that might be hard to do with no fingers or toes.

Armless Legless Wrestler

I thought this picture was some sort of joke, but then I found this video to go along with it. Props to the armless / legless dude for sticking with it.

I think if I was that other kid I would give up on my wrestling career. Getting beat by a guy with no arms or legs is not a good way to start out.